After 11 1/2 months of social distancing, maybe what you find most boring is…yourself.

Finding ways to stay healthy and connected during COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone. We know that it’s been particularly challenging for the elderly, people who already suffer from depression, and for the individuals (often children) who are in unsafe home environments. People who have lost their jobs are scared…

Christine Granville and the daring rescue that made her a legend of the French Resistance during WWII

Image of five people in France. The dark-haired woman in a blouse and skirt in front is Christine Granville

JJames Bond might have been a hero on the pages of novels and on the silver screen, but outside of Hollywood, it was women who often did the most dangerous, the most difficult, and the riskiest spy work. Women spies of WWII were highly-trained agents who were often even more…

The Victorian obsession with murderous wives tells us something fascinating about what they feared most: Women.

Image of two Victorian statuettes. A female in a full-skirted gown is standing and listening to a seated male violinist.

PPoison has long been a blunt instrument for murder, but beginning in the nineteenth century, men became obsessed with the idea that their wives were trying to poison them. The fact that a murderous wife was relatively uncommon didn’t matter at all.

Even in the midst of the poison panic…

How to decide between self-publishing and mainstream publishing

Self-publishing is a perfectly fine method for getting your work in front of readers, and it can be an effective way to resist traditional publishing (and everything that comes along with that).

But writers sometimes falsely believe that self-publishing will lead to traditional publishing. Sure, it happens. But very rarely…

Three ways to foster deep thinking and improve your writing

Let’s try a quick experiment: Juggle plates while reading a novel while doing jumping jacks. I’ll wait.

Can you do it? Probably not. In fact, you probably didn’t even try. It’s just as likely that you also can’t work on a thorny problem, answer email, text your sister, and check…

If we want to preserve the concept of reality, we have to fight for it.

Here’s the bad news: The battle for our attention is over. We lost. The attention economy won. We are no match for technologies that have been designed to keep us in a constant state of endless distraction.

Distraction isn’t going away, and we aren’t getting any better at managing it…

Christine Seifert, PhD

Christine Seifert is a professor, writer, and reader. She is philosophically opposed to pep rallies.

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